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Pivot Management Group, LLC Welcomes You

Paving the way to helping all citizens, disadvantaged, returning, and or families realize their entrepreneurial dreams with straight forward Consulting that yield results 

   Pivot Management Group, LLC, is a husband and wife retuning citizen team that believe that there exists a gap that can be bridged to meet the demand for fair hiring, and sustained employment. We believe that a large segment of returning citizens possess the skill set necessary to employ themselves and grow a business that is run and operated by an entrepreneur that would likely hire other returning citizens and disadvantaged segments of population while contributing to the local and national economies.    Your vision is important to us. We’re eager to map out the needs of your business, and provide the necessary tools to achieve a successful future. Pivot Manage Group, LLC is a business consulting firm that’s ready to deliver tailored solutions on time for each and one of our clients.

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Latrone Huggins v. Buitoni Food Company and the United Steel Workers (Danville, Va)

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Exceeding Your Expectations

Pivot Management Group, LLC exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help clients facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity as business owners. 

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Introductory Consultation to business formation

“The first step to growing your business is believing that you can… Everything else after that is proper execution hunger for success;  how hungry are you?” L. A. Huggins

With years of experience in navigating the process, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to streamline the process taking out the guess work and wasted time that’s a pitfall most first time business owners incurred through the trial and error phase.Our process is a proven one that navigates the whole process from start to finish with legal formation. This to include name search, understanding what’s in a name and why certain business entities require clear description, pros and cons of each possible business entity, the filing requirements, and ultimately, the choice of a name and the filing of the proper legal business instrument to meet client’s needs with formation. We want to help you take your business to the next level. At Pivot Management Group, LLC., we combine our insights and skills to transform your vision, your dream, into a reality; and in turn, your own business. 
   We take pride in not rushing the process to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business growth. This has become the standard by which we tailor our care for your dream. Success is the goal at the end of the day in all we do for you and your business.


Strategic Planning and possible funding options 

“Expert Guidance equals measurable success every time.” Latrone Huggins  

   We discuss with clients the new trends in marketing to narrow down a demographic to be targeted as the business chief audience. We will teach the necessity of branding and assist in the trademark or patten process to protect client’s  concepts and innovations while they stay relevant  and competitive in the market. We will also assist clients in logo design should they want to design it or have house designers capture what they see in their minds and present it to the world. It’s our goal through focus and study to help clients shape their mind to think outside the box as new entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the curve. We assist clients with consultation for business banking products and other ways to legitimize their business to let the world know you’re open for business and serious. In the effort ton pave the way to success, finally, We explore the many possible funding strategies that can help fund businesses along with the pros and cons to each for prudent decision making in client’s final decision. As clients move out into the business world to establish themselves we follow-up and offer assistance to further the success. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.


Grant Writing 

“Dreams need cream to rise.”

   At Pivot Management Group, LLC. We'll work with clients to analyze your current trends to isolate abnormalities for correction, identify opportunities for growth, outline goals and create a customized plan for your business funding needs to fuel that growth. By working together we’ll isolate the proper sectors to select the right grant funding packages to maximize positive awards.
   Our team will be available to guide you and provide constructive feedback at every stage so you’re always informed in the process.
*(It must be noted that applying for any grant isn’t an assured award. Pivot Management Group, LLC., or anyone for that matter, can make no promises of awards because we have no control over awards.)


Current Trends in Marketing and Advertising  

“There’s no such thing as a bad business, only bad marketing.” Latrone Huggins 

We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. We then strategize using smart tools and applicable resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make to prevent any digression. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.


Mrs. Tammara S. Fuqua

Senior Partner, Consultant, Quality Assurance Manager, and Co-Program Designer, MBA

            My name is Tammara S. Fuqua, MBA, and I am thrilled to have you visit the Pivot Management Website! 

     I am a passionate Business Management professional who believes in the self-employment business model for all individuals with a special interest to support working class individuals and individuals with distressed backgrounds. As a representative of the working class, I have a deep understanding of the difficulties encountered while transitioning into self-employment and making entrepreneurial dreams come true. Many individuals do not know where to start nor have access to the necessary resources to begin business ownership. This is where I find great fulfillment in assisting others with achieving their goals. 

I am an alumni of Averett University, Danville, VA; with post-education degrees in both Bachelors and Masters level Business Administration. In addition to my professional endeavors, I am a firm believer in giving back to the community. I actively engage in Salvation Army activities, Breast Cancer-Awareness fundraising campaigns, Charitable donations to Goodwill, and supporting high school extracurricular sports, as I believe in the power of making a positive impact  on the world around us. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Pivot Management website! Feel free to explore, connect, and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if there's anything I can assist you with. I am excited to be a part of your journey! 

Warm regards, Mrs. Tammara S. Fuqua



Mr. Latrone A. Huggins

Senior Partner, Consultant, Strategist, co-program designer, Public and motivational Speaker.

“If you can’t join the work force that needs overhauling, create the business owners and workforce that will.” 

  The story of Latrone and the birth of Pivot Management Group, LLC. with my wife Tammara is nothing short of a success story. I’m a survivor. A returning citizen Impacted by the legal justice system, but not defined by it. I emerged to write my own story.
  During that time of reflection I began taking  higher education courses from Liberty University, Ohio State University, and South Side Community College. What I learned focused my passion for everything business. I studied formation in the state of Virginia as one of my focuses. This to include but not limited to the formation of: Sole Proprietorships; Dual-proprietorships (Partnerships); Corporations (s and c corps); Non-profit organizations and group recognition; Foundations; Limited Liability Companies; Living and Revokable Trust. 
In Addition to this, I’ve studied (EEOC) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and (NLRB) National Labor and Relation Board standards and policies to assist those affected by work place discrimination, civil and constitutional rights violations by either the company and/or “the union” with the proper course of filing charges in disputes  with the right agency. This is largely to my own experiences facing constitutional, civil, and workplace rights violations as an impacted citizen from the legal justice system. I’ve helped a lot people form businesses for their families and themselves without fail. I’ve assisted in formation recognition of a recognized Richmond based Non-profit group into an organization with the preparation of their Articles. Having navigated the process and refined the time it takes to accomplish successful business formation, we’ve effectively reduced the anxiety and stress of business formation for our clients. We are eager to serve you in the process. Contact us and let us help grow your business dreams into a self sustaining reality.  Pivot’s story is simple… Revolutionary even…“If you can’t join the work force that needs overhauling, create the business owners and workforce that will.” Pivot Management Group, LLC. is here to change the narrative.

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Our Portfolio

Helping Businesses Blossom and fruit


Projects and Partnerships

Greatest impact is one made together.

    In partnership with Virginia base non-profit organizations and “The Higher Education Projects” of VCCS partners, Pivot Management Group, LLC., is providing business start-up consultation at a reduced rate to those impacted  by the legal justice system, returning citizens, and their families, with assistance navigating the process to business start up and ownership.
    In partnership with the Virginia Higher Education for Incarcerated Student Consortium with the Virginia Community Colleges, and the Virginia Foundation making the difference in higher education for those impacted by the legal justice system.
    In partnership with Broken Crayons Still Color, Inc., we are assisting with grant writing to help fund the efforts to assist women Recovering from trauma, addiction and involvement in the criminal justice system.
   In partnership with Cloverlink Solutions, LLC. to create viable programs that offer solutions to problems organizations and businesses face competing in both the e-commerce and brick and mortar sectors.
   Your project is next.

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Upward Growth

Trends and Friends

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Upward trends in the Non-profit sector 

”Unified struggle equals unified success” Latrone Huggins

Pivot Management Group, LLC., has undertaken a revolutionary approach to the employment question it applies to the returning citizens impacted by legal justice system. In a unique partnership with local based non-profit organizations, we provide those Impacted by the legal justice system consultation at reduced cost in starting their own business. Our thinking is simple, “why not let those capable of saving themselves save them selves?” How better to answer the question of employment than to employ yourself? Then, employ those around you to stimulate the local economy in communities that’s in most need of revitalization and rehabilitation. This formula provides immediate communal elevation from the ground up to cause a “ripple effect” of self and communal renewal. 


For Profit Organizations and Businesses

“You only live once, it’s not work when you’re living your dreams.” Latrone Huggins

   Pivot Management Group, LLC. also works with clients in the for profit sector to realize their dreams of business ownership from the ground up as well.    Working aimlessly to the goal of putting your best foot forward. We develop your ideas through consultation and ready them for transition it the legal entity that will house your dream; your own business. We ready all the documents necessary to have your business recognized by the state you reside in and authorized to transact business as a separate legal entity. We also assist in establishing your business with the proper certification with the agency’s that require it, be it local or Federal. We take all the guess work and stress out the journey so you don’t have to, so you can focus on the launch of you dream   We provide different packages according to the scope of your vision, tailoring each client’s needs as our command. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have and assisting you in this leap of a lifetime.  


About Us

“We control our happiness… and it shows”

Pivot Management Group, LLC. Is made up of a  husband and wife team that offers a comprehensive balance of combined knowledge to meet all challenges in helping you solve the most complex issues with your business and business ideas. Every vision, every dream, since embarking on this adventure has filled us with pride to say we’ve helped change the world around us by helping people realize their dreams. 
As the list of our client grown and our work expands, we look to reach more entrepreneurs and less proletariats everyday. We look forward to you and your organizations being able to be apart of our success story. Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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Latrone does public speaking and motivational speaking venues. Most presentation are on average an hour. The last fifteen minutes is left open to answer any questions if there are any. Please contact us to book a venue near you. We take small and large venues from grass root organization to business and corporation venues. Pivot Management Group, LLC. is here to change the narrative. Hear what we have to say, let’s grow together.


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